Common names:

Astragalus, Astragalus membranaceus, Huang Qi.

Traditional uses of :

Strengthens immunity, is a modulator of immunity. It has a stimulating and repairing effect, antibacterial, antiviral, adaptogenic, strengthening, antihepatotoxic, diuretic. It strengthens the functioning of such organs as: lungs, spleen, digestive system. It protects the heart and lowers the pressure.Astragalus

AcTraditional uses of Astragalus in the treatment of Lyme disease:

Astragalus has specific properties in Lyme disease:

  • strengthens and modulates immunity
  • increases the level of interferon gamma and interleukin 2 – their high level reduces the probability of infection, and if the infection occurs, the effects of the disease will be much smaller, the development of symptoms weaker and the disease easier to cure – therefore the herb should be taken by people living in the endemic areas of Lyme disease
  • increases the CD4 titre and CD4 / CD8 ratio – the higher the level of CD4 white blood cells, the better the individual response to infection and treatment
  • indicated in immunological atrophy, improves the functioning of the spleen and thymus
  • protects and improves the heart, strengthens it, reduces palpitations
  • supports the body’s resistance to stress – it is an adaptogen
  • prevents fatigue, especially indicated in case of chronic fatigue
  • works effectively on night sweats
  • is effective for many symptoms of neuroborreliosis, e.g. tingling, paralysis, numbness.


Astragalus should not be used in the late stage of Lyme disease, because it stimulates the already-intensified TH1 reactions. It may have an impact on the worsening of the disease symptoms. However, it is indicated in the conditions before, and in early disseminated Lyme disease.



Astragalus shows a synergistic effect with interferon and aciclovir, therefore the use of herbs in combination with these medications may increase their effect. Clinical trials have proven that the use of Astragal membranaceus with interferon in the treatment of hepatitis B gives better results than the use of interferon alone.

Astragalus has inhibitory effects with cyclophosphamide, and therefore may reduce the effectiveness of this drug. The herb cannot be taken by people after organ transplants.

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