Common names:

Maca, Lepidium meyenii.

Traditional uses of Maca:

Maca provides the body with natural amino acids, phytohormones, vitamins and minerals. It has a positive effect on physical fitness and mental resistance, as well as sexual dysfunction. Maca root increases sex drive in men and erections, but does not affect the level of sex hormones in the blood. Furthermore, it improves sperm production and motility. Thus, it has a positive effect on fertility. Maca also strengthens immunity. It is used in states of weakening of the body, malnutrition and convalescence. Maca improves memory and the ability to acquire knowledge. The plant is a source of substances that strengthen the structure and endurance of skeletal muscles.Buhner recommends maca root in its protocol extended with Lyme disease in order to reduce the symptoms associated with reduced libido.


There is no data on contraindications and side effects of using maca root.


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