Periwinkle (VINCA MINOR )

Common names:

Periwinkle,  Vica minor, Vica major.

Traditional uses of  Vinca minor :

Vinca minor has the following effects:

  • increases blood flow in the brain,
  • increases oxygen consumption in the brain and the use of glucose from the blood in the brain,
  • shows a tonic effect on cerebral arteries,
  • revives metabolism in the brain,
  • affects memory and concentration,
  • has a beneficial effect on disorders in behavior and speech disorders,
  • has beneficial effects in case of dizziness and headaches as well as in tinnitus,
  • shows beneficial effects in hyperactivity and blood flow in the retina of the eye.


Side effects:

No side effects were observed in any clinical studies. One person with agranulocytosis had a significant decrease in granulocytes. The German E Commission warns that vinpocetine may in rare cases impair the immune system, which in turn may lead to apoptosis. None of this information has been confirmed in clinical trials. Safety of the drug during pregnancy has not been tested.



First of all, brain tumors, as well as increased intracranial pressure or stroke. Vinca minor should not be taken by young children, pregnant and breastfeeding women.