The tick activity period often starts already in March and lasts until November. It is very important to use preventive measures to repel ticks during this period and to prevent possible infection with Borreliosis spirochetes caused by ticks.

Prevention of Lyme disease is to a large extent the personal protection of every person who during tick activity goes to wooded areas, to the park, to areas with bushes or meadows.

It is worth remembering to:

  • spray the body and clothing with tick repellents,
  • wear appropriate clothing that covers the body: long pants, long sleeves, socks, high boots and a headgear. In addition, on bright clothing, ticks are more visible and can be knocked down before they reach the exposed parts of the body,
  • check your body after returning home from a place where ticks may have appeared. The whole body and hair should be checked thoroughly. In children, ticks are usually found on the scalp, while in adults on the legs, in the groins, on the buttocks and in the area of the lower abdomen.

Sometimes, however, such preventive measures are not enough.

Preventing infection:

  • Endemic region (increased risk): Astragalus: 1000 mg per day throughout the year
  • For the duration of the tick season: Astragalus: 3000 mg per day
  • Use of natural tick repellents before going outside
  • For the tick bite: remove the tick, apply the Andrographis tincture to the bite, apply a bentonite clay wrap, cover with thin cotton and leave for 12-24 hours.

Ticks are attracted to our sweat, toilet waters, fragrant cosmetics. However, they do not like the smell of many natural oils.

Natural oils used to repel ticks:

  • eucalyptus
  • clove
  • citronella
  • patchouli
  • thyme
  • from tea tree
  • sage
  • from lemon grass
  • from peppermint
  • from sweet almonds.

The oils should be used in dilution: 5 drops of one of the selected oils should be diluted in 50 ml of vegetable oil, e.g. from grape seeds or sweet almonds, and them rubbed into skin. Only tea tree oil can be applied directly to the skin without dilution.

Other methods:

  • The brew of rosemary and thyme: herbs in a small amount of water. After an hour, pour into an atomizer and add lemon juice. Mix and use for body spraying.
  • Vitamin B changes the composition of our sweat, which is repellent to ticks.
  • Tea with catnip: two teaspoons of catnip should be added to a glass of hot water and brewed for about 10 minutes. Drink the brew several times a day. Tea is safe for children, it is not suitable for pregnant women.