Common names:

Schisandra chinensis, Schisandra, Magnolia-vine, Chinese magnolia-vine.

Traditional uses of Schisandra chinensis:

Schisandra chinesis supports the work of the nervous system, has a calming and anti-depressant effect. It is used as an auxiliary for atrophic (degenerative) diseases of the nervous system. It has a calming effect on the nervous system. In addition, Schisandra chinesis protects and strengthens the liver and heart. It cleanses the venous system from calcium and fat accumulations, removing the cause of heart attacks and other diseases of the cardiovascular system. It has antioxidant properties. Buhner recommends schisandra chinesis in its protocol extended with Lyme disease to reduce neurological symptoms, sleep problems, eye problems and liver pains.


Schisandra chinesis should not be used in combination with Midazolam and Paclitaxel because it increases the bioactivity of these medications.

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