Common names:

Chinese senega, Polygala senega, Eneca snakeroot, Senega snakeroot, Senegaroot, Rattlesnake root, Mountain flax.


Traditional uses of Chinese Senega:

Chinese Senega is used in case of Lyme disease due to its positive effect on the nervous system. The herb is used for cognitive impairment, memory loss and depression. The herb is recommended by Buhner for use in case of neurological symptoms in the course of Lyme disease. One of the most important functions of this herb is the effect on stimulation of NGF nerve growth factor indispensable for poliferation and neuron survival, and stimulates the process of myelination (production of myelin sheaths – responsible for protection and nutrition – around the axons of nerve cells). Chinese Senega has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It also applies to inflammation of the airways, pneumonia and asthma.Buhner recommends Chinese senega in its protocol extended with Lyme disease to reduce neurological symptoms and restore neuronal structures.



It should not be used in case of acute gastroenteritis, bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract and early postoperative conditions. Large doses cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.


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