Common names:

Teasel, Dipsacus sylvestris.

Traditional uses of Teasel:

Bacteriostatic, protective effect on liver parenchyma (hepatoprotective), anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-rheumatic and immunostimulant. The root of wild teasel is considered a plant that improves circulation and is useful in convalescence after chronic diseases connected with weight loss.

Traditional uses of Teasel in the treatment of Lyme disease:

Teasel has the following effects:

  • bacteriostatic,
  • toning for the liver and kidneys,
  • strengthening tendons and bones,
  • anti-inflammatory in ailments related to back pain, limb pain, in particular knees,
  • analgesic with painful swellings,
  • improving circulation.

Side effects:

No data on side effects.


Wild teasel cannot be used by pregnant women.

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