Dermatoborreliosis, or skin symptoms in Lyme disease affects not only the erythema chronicum migrans that may occur in the first phase after infection, but also secondary erythema occurring months or even years after infection. In the course of Lyme disease there may also be a rash, sometimes light pain or swelling in the area of skin lesions, excessive skin dryness, including psoriasis and problems with excessive skin sweating.

Below there are herbs recommended by Buhner to help overcome skin symptoms:

Core protocol plus:

1.With dry skin:

Hyaluronic acid

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Burdock (lat. Arctium lappa) root powder

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Cocco oil topically, liberally

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Cocco oil internally

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Cod liver oil

  1. With loss of elasticity:

Strong infusion of nettle, horsetail, oatstrew, parsley: add 1 tablespoon each of quart of hot water, simmer for 4 hours. Drink one quart each day.

Great lakes gelatin powder

Vitamin C

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  1. With psoriasis:

Homeopathic rhus tox 30 C

  1. With excessive sweating:

Sambucus leaf