Quercetin belongs to the group of glycoside flavonoids, pigments naturally occurring in plant tissues. This compound has strong antioxidant properties, thus neutralizing the harmful effects of free radicals. Quercetin also contributes to increasing the number of mitochondria (cell energy centers) in the muscles and brain.

Quercetin also has anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effect. It has an action similar to rutin, and it helps seal blood vessels and reduce their permeability, and due to its antioxidant properties, polyphenols contribute to lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease. It also has an antihistamine effect. It soothes the effects of irradiation. It helps in the fight against fatigue and stress. Quercetin is involved in the regulation of many cellular processes such as cell proliferation and death. In addition, quercetin has a protective effect on vitamins C and E, preventing ascorbate oxidation.

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