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If you live in any of the following areas, feel free to reach out and give us a call. We would be happy to honor our FIRST MONTH PROMO: 25% off your FIRST maintenance cleaning for 1st time clients who sign up for recurring services! From our proven systems and team cleaning approach to our decades of experience and knowledge, we know how to make our, once a week cleaning service count! But even our recurring cleaning service can't clean everything every week. Our residential cleaning services vary by franchise, but many locations are equipped to tackle specific cleaning challenges in areas throughout your home. Businesses that use CleanNet can also track their cleaning services through the company8217s mobile app. The company is headquartered in Virginia and also pairs with local licensed contractors to offer pest control, painting, and handyman services.

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You may think of maid new cleaning service service as a luxury or an unnecessary expense. But what if we told you professional cleaning services could actually be an investment? We set you up with one of our reliable cleaners. They come and leave your house, sparkling. Some housekeepers, maid services and home cleaners offer this as an add on, but it’s usually best to, hire a local carpet cleaning company that specializes in steaming and shampooing floors and drapes. 1. Prepare mop water in empty bucket. Our favorites for hardwood floors are Murphy’s Wood Oil. Be sure to follow proper dilution. For tile and laminate and other natural stone we use the favorite of millions of households: good old Pine Sol love that smell!, again at the proper dilution. Using extra cleaning solutions can make the floors sticky and require a second rinse, so read carefully!

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The Maids will take care of your house cleaning See our available positions. We offer tailored packages because we know every client who approaches us for help has different goals — especially when it comes, to house cleaning. You will certainly appreciate our customized cleaning packages! Whether you need a simple cleaning, a thorough home cleaning, or a one-time cleaning, we have you covered. Do you need your home cleaned before or after an event, party, or gathering? We’ve got you covered there as well. Our standard Washington, DC, cleaning service packages include: Book your cleaning online. Get an instant quote, and schedule a cleaning. It takes less then 2 minutes. "I learned from the office manager that many employees at Maid to Clean have been there for years and years, some even more than 15 years. That tells me that Maid to Clean not only cares about its clients, but cares about its employees too. This is the kind of company I want to give my repeat business to."



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