In the course of Lyme disease, one of the most common symptoms are problems with joints. Borelia bacteria attacks the connective tissue in the joints leading to inflammation, pain and consequent degeneration of the joints. The Borelia bacterium has a large affinity to collagen structures. Collagen is their main source of food. Feeding on these tissues damages collagen structures, which in turn contributes to the occurrence of symptoms from the affected organ or system. If the bacterium feeds on the tissue in the joints, it causes damage to the joints and degeneration. In the case of joint problems, it is important to strengthen the collagen structures and the use of anti-inflammatory herbs.

In the case of joint symptoms in the course of Lyme disease, Buhner recommends:



Entire Collagen Support Protocol and …

Boswellia serrata

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Celery seed (lat. Apium graveolens)

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Arthritis tea daily:

Ingredients:  1 pound dried, cut and sifted each of: nettles, horsetail, dandelion leaf, peppermint leaf, celery seed, turmeric, devil’s claw and meadowsweet.

Directions: Combine all ingredients and mix well. Add 1 cup of the mixed herbs to ½ gallon on nearly boiling water and allow to steep covered overnight. Drink 3-4 cups daily.

Side effect: Will increase urine expression – don’t drink right before bed.

Cod liver oil

Cannabinoid  oil

Teasel  root  (lat. Dipsacus sylvestris)

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Devil’s Claw (lat. Harpagophytum procumbens)

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  1. With pain:

Curcumin / Bromelain w równych proporcjach

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Turmeric (lat. Curcumae longan)

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Salix alba (white willow) bark

Valeriana officinalis / Passiflora incarnata / Piscidia spp.

Monotropa uniflora (Indian pipe)

Corallorhiza maculata (Coral root)

Homeopathic chamomilla 30 C

Homeopathic hypericum

Homeopathic arnica

Homeopathic arsenicum

Homeopathic rhus tox


More information may be found in the publication: Stephen Harrod Buhner “Healing Lyme: Natural Healing of Lyme Borreliosis and the Coinfections Chlamydia and Spotted Fever Ricettsioses.” Second edition.